Our Private Wealth Advisory Services Just Reached a New High-Level

As the only American and one of 16 Global Honorees (one of two in the Western Hemisphere), Daniel Morris has recently earned his Wealth Advisory Services Post-Professional Graduate Diploma (PPGD). The PPGD was a year-long program held at the University of Oxford and is designed for Senior Leadership that emphasized the interrelationships necessary to best advise Multi-National, Multi-Generational, and Privately-Owned Enterprises and their families.

The Morris+D’Angelo Accounting and Financial Services Firm has already navigated cross-border estate issues in Italy, the United States, India, England, and Switzerland.

The Master classes held over the course of a year at Oxford included integrated topics of Risk Management, Advising Privately Held Companies, Defective Trust Issues, Philanthropy, Common Law vs. Civil Law Cross Border Estate Administration, International Tax, Trust Administration, and Trust and Estate Matters in England and Wales.

Daniel received a flawless Evaluation that was based upon a thesis level analysis of 8 master class topics followed by a four-hour oral assessment.

Wealth Advisory Services: Learning, Unlearning and Relearning; Protecting Your Best Interests

Daniel’s professional philosophy and motivation drive him to constantly improve and move the needle of his understanding of how “Your” world spins. The Morris+D’Angelo Accounting and Financial Services Firm has already navigated cross-border estate issues in Italy, the United States, India, England, and Switzerland. Additionally, the skills and increased knowledge have helped our customers better evaluate their philanthropic options along with how best to plan for Multi-Generational Wealth Preservation.

We at Morris+D’Angelo are pleased that Daniel has remained diligent and continues to improve himself on your behalf. Please reach out to Daniel and our entire Morris+D’Angelo Accounting and Financial Services Firm for additional information as to how you too can protect your wealth for your current and future generations.

From Daniel: Notes about Oxford

There are maybe only two universities in the world with the historical significance of the University of Oxford. Given the opportunity to study at Oxford was an extraordinary highlight in my academic career. Learning is a lifetime requirement for the modern day professional. And I have never stopped learning. Sharing new ideas and methods with colleagues around the world has been my passion and my springboard into new and every opportunity to improve.

Oxford is more than an education. It is the spirit of the hunt for knowledge. It is a millennium of scholars walking the shores of the Thames River, the halls of St. Peter’s College (where we held our lectures and learning), the pubs aligning the cobblestone streets, and the spirits of new and old alike.

We are fortunate in the United States of America. We have the majority of world-class universities; from the easily recognized Cal, Stanford, Harvard, MIT, UVA, Michigan, and the other commonly reported top 50 to the small liberal arts universities and colleges that are integral to our local and distant communities, we have the opportunity to constantly engage in learning, in teaching, and in contemplation. A learned society is a successful society.

My advice is to reach for the stars when it comes to learning and never stop improving.

Daniel Morris
Daniel frequently provides Media Content via Workshops, Podcasts and Printed Articles on topics that are of interest to those who might be served with Private High-Wealth Services and others. If you wish for Daniel to speak to you or your Professional Group, please contact us.

Morris+D’Angelo is the industry leader for many High-Wealth Customers and Organizations.

Daniel Morris, Managing Director, Chief Dragon Slayer707 SW Washington St., Suite 1100
Portland, Oregon, 97205

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