Toxic Customers Are They Worth The Price
We All Have Them; Avoid Them


What If Companies Graded Their Customers?

Customer Service, Toxic CustomersToxic customers can ruin any business. Toxic customers tend to be the complainers, whiners, cheapskates, abusers (physical, mental, and financial), and an emotional drag on a firm’s emotional satisfaction, happiness, and well-being.
At Morris+D’Angelo we frequently evaluate our customers and relationships, there is no obligation for an enterprise to serve all that desire service but, we also seek creative ways to reward good behavior and to further our Customer’s financial success.
Companies like yours and ours can certainly provide negative incentives, that’s easy. What’s difficult is being creative enough to provide positive ones. An airline rewards excellent behavior with additional credits, mileage, perks. They reward behaviors they like and shun the ones they don’t.
The benefits of good behavior are many and we encourage you to benefit from them.
Customer Selection and De-Selection are both common themes and are core competencies necessary for any business to succeed long term.


First: Stop Attracting Toxic Customers

Customer Service, Toxic CustomersRespect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you or benefits your business.
1. Set Your Boundaries

  • Setting boundaries is one of the best ways to work with unhealthy people
  • Teach people how to treat us by what we allow
  • Healthy boundaries keep frustration and confusion low
  • Boundaries remind people of what is acceptable to you and what is reasonable to expect from you
  • Boundaries prevent unhealthy people from taking up too much of your time, energy and other valuable resources
  • Toxic people don’t like boundaries because they want to shift responsibilities according to their mood or the project

2. Toxic Relationships Keep You from Growing

  • Toxic Relationships takes a lot of energy and effort = Cut your losses and Move on
  • If a relationship doesn’t make you a better person; if it doesn’t challenge you to grow and evolve into a happier and more loving human being, it is not worth holding on to.
  • Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy

3. Be Honest With Yourself

  • You can only change yourself = You can’t change the other person = Leave!

4. Letting Go of a Toxic Relationship Makes Room for a Healthy One

  • Allow yourself the right to be with someone who will respect and appreciate you for who you are
  • Give yourself of the gift of Happiness and Freedom.
  • Let’s all be mindful of our actions and work toward helping others become successful.

Need Guidance,Ideas or Help on how to get unstuck from a Customer Relationship with a Toxic Customer? Give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.

For Insights: Contact Us at Morris+D’Angelo

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At Morris+D’Angelo, we often have the insight of our Customers’ entire financial history, that provides for opportunities for us to add value to you as an integral part of your Financial TEAM (Together Each Achieves More).
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