The Matisse of Private Equity Mergers and Acquisitions

Why Pat D’Angelo is the Matisse of Private Equity Mergers and Acquisitions
The Thrill of the Buy and the Agony of the Exit

Pat D'Angelo, Morris+D'AngeloAs a Certified Mergers and Acquisition Advisor, Pat D’Angelo has consistently demonstrated his skills, knowledge, and abilities to help both sellers and buyers of Small and Medium sized business (SMBs with revenues between $1 and $25M USD/year) navigate the many different paths to buying and selling closely held business.
Family-owned businesses and smaller entrepreneurial enterprises are each unique. There is no public market to access capital and valuations are not merely subjective, they require the buyers to project how the business will operate under their vision requiring the sellers to realize that passion alone and satisfaction of being one’s own boss (Ego) isn’t enough to drive up the sales price of their business.

Pat has an uncanny capacity to help willing buyers come to terms with agreeable sellers.

Everything from performing due diligence, coordinating legal aspects, assisting in valuation methodologies, financing alternatives, and emotional support is included in nearly every private equity transaction. Pat has an uncanny capacity to help willing buyers come to terms with agreeable sellers.
Pat believes and makes time to assure prospective sellers that it generally takes “more” (duration of time) to sell a business than most sellers believe. Generally, the more years a seller has to better position their business for sale the better.
While there are no simple solutions, Pat knows that the happiest people are those that control their own destiny and choices. Pat is but a phone call or an eMail away from providing you with Expert Guidance and Advice for your exciting business journey.

From Morris+D’Angelo, Senior Partner, Daniel Morris:

I have worked with dozens of professionals who claim to provide great value in private equity transactions. Of them, I have only always been proud of Pat’s commitment providing true professional value. I have been proud to be Pat’s business partner from the day we met. If you are thinking of buying or selling a business, I highly recommend you meet with Pat and help yourself achieve optimal results.

You may contact our Senior Partner, Pat D’Angelo in our San Jose Office directly:

Morris+D’Angelo, World Headquarters
Pat D'Angelo, Morris+D'AngeloPat D’Angelo
1046 W Taylor St., Suite 200
San Jose, CA 95126-1815


408.292.2892 – San Jose Office



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