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Is Now the Time to Transfer Your Home to Your Adult Child?

Let's say that your adult child wants to enter the world of homeownership and is looking to buy a home in today’s "Overheated" real estate market. Needless to say, anymore, it’s a struggle against the odds. Meanwhile, you’re ready to check out of your current home and explore your retirement possibilities. Maybe you want to downsize or move to a warmer climate or a lower-tax or no-tax state. Whatever the reason, you’re financially set and don’t really need the money from selling your home. So, consider the following options to help your home-starved adult child. Here, I will explain the Federal Income and Estate Tax Consequences....

Handling Key Non-Tax Financial Issues When a Loved One Passes Away (Part 3 of 3)

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve discussed and published some suggestions on how you might proceed when a financially comfortable loved one has passed away and what you might do to prepare toward preserving your Estate or your duties as an Executor.

Real Estate Sales: To Exchange or Not to Exchange

With the anticipation of rising interest rates, sky-rocketing oil prices, volatile markets, and political forces impacting the real estate markets, the frenzy to real estate commission rebate has impacted the sales portfolios is continuing, but at unprecedented prices, especially for waterfront & beachfront homes for sale in Fort Lauderdale. Daily, I’m asked two related questions: Should I sell and should I do a tax-deferred exchange? Should I sell? My response is always the same. “I’ll consult my crystal ball”. I pick up the snow globe on my desk; shake it, nothing but snow … It’s on the fritz. I ask questions back. Is the property ...