Strategic Partners: Keep Your Strategic Allies Close By

Daniel Morris, Managing Director, Chief Dragon SlayerIt dawned on me that during the 2008 economic struggles in the United States that those Small and Medium Business that survived were the ones who knew how to Collaborate; Share/Give Concepts, Ideas, and Advice freely with Others. 1


This became a time for Business to really take a look at what was destined to work in the new Digital Age when access to information and new ideas were right at your fingertips.
Thought-Leaders like Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Dan Ariely, and Michael Hyatt were filling the Blog and Podcast Channels and filling Auditoriums with folks who were thirsting for NEW Business Models that worked and that were also Fair and Equitable.
Like many of you, we did not want to be passive observers to the economic downturn. Instead, not wanting to be “That” someone who held on with “White-Knuckle” fear and hoped for the best (that’s not what we do at Morris+D’Angelo), we sought solutions and new collaborative relationships that would help Move-the-Needle toward Modern sustainable Business Models and Methods.
Dan Morris, CPA, Patrick D'Angelo, San Jose California, Silicon Valley

Keep Us Strategically Close

Morris+D’Angelo always seeks to help you retain your financial security and wealth by staying on top of Modern Methods to be able to benefit from available tools that are able to provide more effective and efficient solutions for your Financial Health. 2


It comes as no surprise that when it comes to seeking “sound” strategic financial advice, Accountants and CPAs are at the top of the list and Morris+D’Angleo is no different. With our Global-Perspective, traveling and working outside the “Financial Bubble” in the United States it is in your favor and works to benefit your Bottom-Line.

Not Just Another CPA Firm ®

Morris+D’Angleo is a Strategic CPA and High-End Financial Consultancy Firm with global locations to help our customers maximize their Financial Liberty toward their ability that Achieves all they Desire.
We provide the Foundation for your financial health, and encourage you to “Innovate” for your Business or Industry; become an Industry-Leader and pave the way for your fellow colleagues; we’ll show you how and how to stay in front of those who matter to your profitability.
At Morris+D’Angleo, we provide solutions that not many folks have thought of before.

Tailored Financial Innovations for Small or Medium Sized Business

Brian Gryder, International Tax ExpertAt Morris+D’Angelo, we Connect-the-Dots.
We forge alliances for your Company with your Customers and Bottom-Line in mind. 3


We are able to bring your optimized and a positive impact for your Business by bringing ideas and relationships that are relevant in Modern Times for your Business Growth.
Please contact Brian Gryder or Daniel Morris to continue to learn how.

You may contact Daniel Morris and Brian Gryder directly:


Daniel Morris, Managing Director, Chief Dragon SlayerDaniel Morris and Brian Gryder
San Jose, California and
Portland, Oregon
408.292.2892 – San Jose Office

503.749.6300 – Portland Office

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