Thank You STEP Seattle

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STEP Seattle, Daniel Morris, Managing Director, Chief Dragon SlayerThank You. It was a pleasure to meet many of you today and thank you for attending the STEP Seattle Luncheon Lecture; U.S. Estate Planning Implications of Posthumously Conceived Children (May 25, 2017, Dorsey & Whitney LLP, Columbia Center, 701 Fifth Ave – Suite 6100, Seattle, WA 98104-7043)

Dan Morris, CPA, Patrick D'Angelo, San Jose California, Silicon ValleyAt Morris+D’Angelo, we strive to continually improve our perspectives and knowledge of Topics, Technology, and Current Events that affect the way you live; those things that matter to you; we stay on top of it with offices in Portland, Oregon and San Jose, California.

STEP Seattle: What We Hope You Learned Today

  1. To stimulate the thinking of advisors and how our technological and biological evolutionary changes are regularly occurring – this is “it is not your Dad’s Oldsmobile” concept
  2. To help people consider broader familial context for multi-generational estate considerations and wealth preservation/planning
  3. To initiate a tougher conversation with older generations to include alternative lifestyles, choices, and children (natural, adopted, foster… what is to be defined as family)
  4. Reminder as to what is commonplace here isn’t necessarily common “there”
  5. To think and be different than our competitors
  6. I am doing this because the law is there, the children are born, and yet advisors are stuck in a stone age

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