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20 Jul
Family, Legacy Planning, Transition Wealth

Family Legacy Planning: Transition Wealth to Future Generations

At Morris+D’Angelo, we along with other Financial Service Professionals face what is perhaps our largest challenge that at the same time would help our Custom... more
19 Jul
Bitcoin, Virtual Currency, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Payment

Tapping Into the Digital Currency Revolution: Why Business Needs to be Bitcoin Friendly

Transacting in blockchain backed currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum is becoming increasingly common. Over 300,000 daily transactions are occurring using Bitcoin. ... more
18 Jul
Timesheet, Cost, Value, Value Pricing

Kill The TimeSheet: Are You Still Trading Hours for Dollars

Ask any C-Level (corporate) professional what they detest most about their day-to-day tasks, and most will admit it's their accounting of Time (timesheets). Is your ... more
5 Jul
University of Oxford, Daniel Morris, portland oregon

Our Private Wealth Advisory Services Just Reached a New High-Level

As the only American and one of 16 Global Honorees (one of two in the Western Hemisphere), Daniel Morris has recently earned his Wealth Advisory Services Post-Pro... more
25 Jun
Bitcoin, Virtual Currency, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Payment

Virtual Currency: A Primer on Bitcoin and Why Bitcoin Matters

When our clients first began discussing Bitcoin a few years ago, I wasn't sure what they were talking about. I had never heard of Digital or Cryptocurrency. Fast ... more
24 Jun
CoWorking, Office, Community, Daniel Morris, Portland, Oregon

The Value of Community in a Shared CoWorking Office

A Professional Network is more defined by whom you keep out rather than who you let in. This is counter to the prevailing feel good; bigger is better, Social Media, ... more
23 Jun
Total Quality Service, Customer Service, Customer Care

Total Quality Service: Still Required for Your Business Success

Before there was Value Pricing, Total Quality Service was the normal business practice. Myself and other colleagues and collaborators, Ron Baker and Thomas L. ... more
22 Jun
Residency, Portland, Oregon, Choices

Portland, Oregon: What If People Could Choose Their Residency

What If? Over the course of my career, I have been challenged several times about my Residency, my decision to be licensed in Oregon along with my California ... more
26 May
Bitcoin, Alt Currency, Virtual Currency, Cryptocurrenices

Virtual Currency Bitcoin: Does it Still Matter

When my clients first began discussing Virtual Currency Bitcoin, I had a quizzical look on my face. I wasn’t sure what they were talking about and I had never ... more
24 May
Value, Value Pricing, Worth

Value Pricing What's it Worth in Your Forest

How I Transitioned My Firm to Value Pricing Becoming the King of Your Forest: Why Courage is the Value Pricing Savior Implementing value pricing today is ... more
23 May
Sarah Myers-Mitchell, Portland Oregon, Morris D'Angelo, CPA, Accountant, Financial Services

Introducing: Sarah Myers-Mitchell, Our Newest Addition in Portland, Oregon

Sarah Myers-Mitchell is our newest team member of Morris+D’Angelo Office in Portland, Oregon.   Of course we were impressed with Sarah’s taxation ... more
22 May
Estate Planning, Conception, Children

Posthumously Conceived Children

In Case of Kids Estate Implications of Posthumously Conceived Children Procreation is both a biological necessity and an emotional desire. Without children, ... more