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24 Apr
IRS, marital exclusion amounts , Same-Sex, Taxes

DOMA: Is It Time to Recalculate Your Marital Exclusion Amounts

IRS Now Permits Same-Sex Couples to Recalculate Marital Exclusion Amounts   Prior to 2013, under the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), same-sex couples were ... more
24 Apr
Information Technology, IT, IT Systems

CFOs Try to Focus on Strategy, but Information Technology Systems (IT) Get in the Way

A number of our Financial Professionals and CFOs expect to evolve their Information Technology (IT) for their Firms in the coming year, but some are dreading the ... more
24 Apr
Retirement, Pensions, Social Security, Unions

Are You Able to Afford Retirement - 50% of You Don't Think You Are

Nearly half of Americans fear not being able to afford retirement Lot’s of Things Have Changed Since Mom and Dad Ran the Business We’re Living Longer ... more
24 Apr
depreciation limits, depreciation, taxes, tax limits

2017 Car and Truck Depreciation Limits

  Business use vehicles have several challenges. Part of the challenge is that there are special rules known as “Listed Property” attributes that recogn... more
30 Mar
Pat D'Angelo, Morris D'Angelo, Dan Morris, Daniel Morris

My Business Partner of 3-Decades, Pat D'Angelo

As a young auditor, at the end of a long day, the controller for the large truck dealership I was auditing explained that business partnerships are a lot like ... more
29 Mar
Customer Service

Customer Service: All Businesses Need to Be Picky

20% of Your Customers Drive 80% of Your Revenue and... likely 150% of Your Profits ... while 80% of Your Customers Steal Your Profits and Drive Little Revenue ... more
28 Mar
Toxic Customers, Customer Service, Customer Selection, De-Selection

Toxic Customers Are They Worth The Price <br> We All Have Them; Avoid Them

  What If Companies Graded Their Customers? Toxic customers can ruin any business. Toxic customers tend to be the complainers, whiners, cheapskates, abusers ... more
27 Mar
Estate Planning, capital gains tax, estate tax exemption, gift tax exemption

Estate Planning with Morris+D'Angelo Toward Maintaining Your Wealth

Cheating the Grim Reaper with Strategic Estate Planning Toward Helping You Retain What You Already Have   As the gift and estate tax exemption has ... more
26 Mar
Valuation, tax-exempt, benefits, Business Valuations

Busting Myths About Control Premium Business Valuations

Business Valuation Matters of Privately Controlled Enterprises Dispelling the Myths About Control Premiums   In business valuations, fewer concepts seem ... more
23 Feb
Pat D'Angelo, Mergers and Acquisitions, Morris+D'Angelo, High-end Financial Services

The Matisse of Private Equity Mergers and Acquisitions

Why Pat D'Angelo is the Matisse of Private Equity Mergers and Acquisitions The Thrill of the Buy and the Agony of the Exit As a Certified Mergers and ... more
21 Feb
Lessen Taxes, CPA, Financial Services

6 Ways to Lessen Your Investment Tax Burden

At Morris+D'Angelo, we have always prided ourselves in the way that we approach and consider challenges differently so that we may provide Financial and Business ... more
20 Feb
Tax Strategy, Morris D'Angelo

6 Tax Strategies For Your Business in 2017

At Morris+D’Angelo, You Always Come First.   Our approach to your Personal or Business Tax Planning considers various tax options in order to determine ... more