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23 Sep
Foreign Business, Foreign Business Requirements, Start a Business in the U.S., State Taxes, United States

So You Want to Start a Business in the United States of America?

I’m about to embark across the “Pond” to present at the IAPA International conference in Manchester, England regarding “Facilitating International Busines... more
8 Aug
Immigration Law, Passage Immigration, Passage Immigration Law Firm, Portland Oregon

Do You Need Help with an Immigration Concern or Challenge?

Morris + D’Angelo is collaborating with Portland, Oregon Law Firm Passage Immigration Law to provide the latest in Immigration Law News and Solutions Morris+... more
3 Jul
Cannabis, Cannabis Business Opportunities, CBD, Legal Cannabis, Morris + D’Angelo, Regulatory

Encouraged by CBD Business Opportunities; Five Regulatory Cautions

It has become increasingly difficult to ignore the increasing amount of media and press coverage of the growing cannabis (CBD) business opportunities in the market ... more
25 Jun
Gender Stereotypes, New York Times, Headlines, Daniel Morris, CPA, Portland, Oregon, San Jose, California

Regulating Gender Stereotypes

The other day I read this headline from the New York Times; “U.K. Bans Advertisements Depicting Gender Stereotypes” and just like that, I became a victim of ... more
15 May
2019 Congress, Cryptocurrency Requirements, High-Wealth Customers, Joseph McCaffrey, Marketing, Morris + D’Angelo, Portland Oregon

We Urge The IRS to Provide Better Guidance on Cryptocurrency Rules

Following an explosive 2017, many of the cryptocurrencies we are commonly familiar with reached their all-time peak values in January of 2018 before the market took ... more
8 Mar
Morris + D’Angelo, Guatemala, Portland Oregon, Brian Dazey, Central America, Marketing, High-Wealth Customers

What does helping people in Guatemala have to do with accounting in Portland, Oregon?

What does helping people in Guatemala have to do with accounting in Portland, Oregon? The answer is NOTHING! So, why would my employer Morris + D’Angelo ... more
23 Aug
Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Digital Currencies, IRS, Tax Liability

The IRS and Cryptocurrency Transactions

Both digital currencies and cryptocurrencies have been around for several years (Bitcoin since 2009), but only in the past couple of years has the IRS begun to ... more
19 Aug
Family Advise, Family Business, Family-Based Enterprises

Family Advise: Dynamic Change in Family Businesses

The challenges family businesses have of providing effective tax and business advice to entrepreneurial and family-based enterprises Family challenges are ... more
11 Aug
Business Rules, Chaos, Political Nomenclature

Rules Today Mean an Understanding of Political Nomenclature

In the modern business-world, anticipating the future requires an understanding of political nomenclature and chaos. The world recently changed for many ... more
11 Aug
Competitive Intelligence, Espionage, Foreign Spy, Industrial Espionage

Espionage: Competitive Intelligence

Foreign interference of our elections reminds me of cigarette package warnings; expressly described and consciously ignored by its users and adopters. I have ... more
7 Aug
Company Belief, Customers

Our Customers Believe in What We Believe

Seldom do our Customers hire us because of what we do or how we do it At Morris+D'Angelo, We look for Customers that fit within our “Why” At Morris + ... more
2 Aug

Are You Prepared for Changes in 2018 Sales Tax Legislation?

Legislation on State Economic Nexus: What is subject to sales and use tax U.S. Supreme Court Decision: South Dakota vs. Wayfair Big changes are on the ... more
26 Jul
Real Estate Exchange, Steven Geller

Real Estate Sales: To Exchange or Not to Exchange

With the anticipation of rising interest rates, sky-rocketing oil prices, volatile markets, and political forces impacting the real estate markets, the frenzy to ... more
19 Jul
Mindfulness, Social Media, Respect

A Call for Mindfulness in Our Modern World

I love people, all kinds of people. I’m as near as I can recall a fourth generation White Male of European (Polish Ancestry) decent that we know of on my Mother... more
13 Jun
Blockchain, Transportation, Freight, Cargo

Consider: Blockchain Uses in Transportation

Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), and other “Modern” methods of transparent financial transactions have been at the top of my mind this year as ... more
13 Jun
Distributed Ledger Technologies, Blockchain

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies are more than “Just Currency”

Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) are simple in nature and complex in operations. DLTs hold real promise in their ability to reduce “Friction”. Friction ... more
13 Jun
Goldman Sachs, Apple

Goldman Sachs, Apple Team Up on New Credit Card

My prediction ApplePay “Crypto” is not too far away … Apple wants in the Crypto-Arena. Goldman Sachs and Apple are preparing to launch a new joint ... more
16 May
Lerwick, Scotland, Daniel Morris, Morris D'Angelo, CPA

Today, The Future of Bitcoin was Determined in Lerwick, Scotland

Today I was in the village of Lerwick, Scotland (bay of clay), the largest city and main port of the Shetland Islands, a group of several hundred islands between ... more
1 May
crypto forking, cryptocurrency, bitcoin

Forking the Crypto Highways: What? Why? When?

New Technologies and new Eras have several common defining aspects; one is the new language or refined definitions. Forking Crypto is one of them. Take the era ... more
30 Apr
Leadership, Governance, Washington DC

Two Days in Washington DC: There are no absolutes – Only Trade-Offs

Nearly everyone who visits their Congressional Delegates “wants” something from them. They are either lobbying to promote a favor they seek for themselves or ... more
16 Apr

2018 Car and Truck Depreciation Limits

For this year's 2018 Depreciation Limits, business use vehicles offer opportunities and challenges. Claiming depreciation as a business expense for personally ... more
14 Apr
Digital Privacy, Internet Security, Personal Data, Personal Information, Privacy, Social Media

Privacy in the Digital Age: When the Product is Free … You are the Product

This has been known in most Web 2.0 (Wikipedia) circles since it’s inception. Products, Services, and Information with Internet portals like Facebook, SnapChat, ... more
31 Mar
Crypto, Cybercurrency, Bitcoin, LiteCoin, DASH, Ethereum, Ripple

Another Cryptocurrency Primer of Our Cyber Universe: Who, What, and Why They Differ

Who are the major players I think you should be aware of What’s a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)? If Cyber Currency is so Great, Why are ... more
28 Mar
Oregon Business Council, Washington DC, Portland Business Alliance

Two Days in Washington DC: Understanding What Could Be and How It’s Done

Generally speaking we all desire the same outcomes and benefits. Our processes are different. Politicians desire robust economies with happy, healthy, and ... more
26 Mar
2018 Tax Law, Entity Classification, New Tax Act

The New Tax Code: Consider Savvy Restructuring

We won't say we were barraged with questions of concern after the announcement of the most sweeping U.S. tax legislation in more than 30 years, but pretty darn ... more
13 Mar
Disaster Preparedness, earthquake, forest fires, Santa Rosa, CalCPA , Emergency, San Francisco

Disaster Preparedness Part II: Preparation Now Defeats Panic Later

Nature is a harsh mistress. Changing conditions, from calm to an angry fury can suddenly and frequently happen without notice. Knowing what to do when nature ... more
6 Mar
Ed Kless, Podcast, Sage North America, SageNAmerica

I'm with Ed Kless this Morning on the @SageNAmerica Advice Podcast

I was invited to participate in a Podcast with fellow Verasage Fellow Ed Kless (@EdKless) last week about the new changes to the US Tax Code. Well, it's published. ... more
18 Feb
Economic Growth, Economic Velocity, Financial Literacy, Physical Economy, Psychological Economy

Driven: The Psychological Economy vs. Physical Economy

We are driven by what we Believe more than what we Know. Our beliefs are powerful and our emotional outlook drives many of our behaviors. Relating this to ... more
17 Feb
Ask Questions, Clarity, Happy Employees, Speaking Up

Ask Why and the Ramifications of Speaking Up

I Believe That It Is Important to Ask Questions Toward Clarity Often, it takes two halves to make a whole Ask Why A couple of weeks ago I came across a ... more
16 Feb
Consumer Spending, Economy, Interest Rates, Recession, Savings

Consumer Spending Hits a 6-Year High

As savings decline and consumer debt increases, the likelihood of future reductions in consumer demand will send shockwaves through the business economy as produc... more
15 Feb
Disaster Preparedness, earthquake, forest fires, Santa Rosa, CalCPA , Emergency

Disaster Preparedness Part I

As I reflect on the recently passed 2017, I’m tallying those things that I am most grateful for. One of them is my involvement with the California CPA (CalCPA) ... more
28 Jan
Deductions, Incentives, Sexual Harassment, Tax Code, Tax Deductible

The New Tax Code Just Made Sexual Harassment More Expensive

Tax incentives still matter. While “follow the money” is an excellent concept for seeking greater information about “what has happened”, by identifying and ... more
22 Jan

The Crypto Battlefield: Financial Visionaries vs. The Regulators

A Primer on Disruptive Technologies and the Regulator’s Positions Mark Twain has been credited with expressing that “History doesn’t repeat itself but it ... more
9 Jan
Bitcoin, Cyber Currency, Dash, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Monero, Peercoin, Ripple

I Am Crypto

I am Crypto and Need to be Free Please, allow me to introduce myself, I am Crypto. I have many names: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and many others. I am a ... more
3 Jan
Entity Classification, new Tax Act, 2018 Tax Law

Entity Classifications Under the New Tax Act

Welcome to 2018 and your new 2018 Tax Laws. If you are not aware, there is a new Tax Law that will affect all of you in our Professional care this year. We know, ... more
21 Dec
Business, Morris+D’Angelo, Portland Oregon, Trending, Video

Cryptocurrency: New Business Model Implementations, Not for Amateurs

The modern world of economics now includes cryptocurrencies where there are lagging, coincident and leading indicators. In the arena of new business model implem... more
20 Dec
2017 Congress, Tax Reform, Wealth Preservation

Our Road Map to Understanding the Pending Tax Reform

Taxation in the USA is a delicate balance of social policy, fantasy economics, revenue raising, and a solid dose of political hope that it lasts long enough to get ... more
18 Dec

Part II: How Public Is Your Elevator Pitch

Last month I shared how “Wowed” I was with the Public Elevator Pitch I saw in the lobby of the International Law Offices of Stephenson Harwood (Hong Kong) while ... more
17 Dec
Business Relationships, Business Travel, Human Touch, Professionalism

Traveling Part II: On the Road and Across the Pond(s) and Into 2018

I’m finally on my way home to be with my wife and family over the Holidays and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been on the road traveling it seems this last ... more
29 Nov
Daniel Morris, Founder, Oregon, Portland, Start-Up

Start Ups: The Start-Up is an Attitude, Not an Age

Why is Your New Business is a Start-Up and My Old Business Not We all know young individuals who impress us as adolescents or pre-adolescents with how they behave ... more