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18 Feb
Economic Growth, Economic Velocity, Financial Literacy, Physical Economy, Psychological Economy

Driven: The Psychological Economy vs. Physical Economy

We are driven by what we Believe more than what we Know. Our beliefs are powerful and our emotional outlook drives many of our behaviors. Relating this to ... more
17 Feb
Ask Questions, Clarity, Happy Employees, Speaking Up

Ask Why and the Ramifications of Speaking Up

I Believe That It Is Important to Ask Questions Toward Clarity Often, it takes two halves to make a whole Ask Why A couple of weeks ago I came across a ... more
16 Feb
Consumer Spending, Economy, Interest Rates, Recession, Savings

Consumer Spending Hits a 6-Year High

As savings decline and consumer debt increases, the likelihood of future reductions in consumer demand will send shockwaves through the business economy as produc... more
15 Feb
Disaster Preparedness, earthquake, forest fires, Santa Rosa, CalCPA , Emergency

Disaster Preparedness Part I

As I reflect on the recently passed 2017, I’m tallying those things that I am most grateful for. One of them is my involvement with the California CPA (CalCPA) ... more
28 Jan
Deductions, Incentives, Sexual Harassment, Tax Code, Tax Deductible

The New Tax Code Just Made Sexual Harassment More Expensive

Tax incentives still matter. While “follow the money” is an excellent concept for seeking greater information about “what has happened”, by identifying and ... more
22 Jan

The Crypto Battlefield: Financial Visionaries vs. The Regulators

A Primer on Disruptive Technologies and the Regulator’s Positions Mark Twain has been credited with expressing that “History doesn’t repeat itself but it ... more
9 Jan
Bitcoin, Cyber Currency, Dash, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Monero, Peercoin, Ripple

I Am Crypto

I am Crypto and Need to be Free Please, allow me to introduce myself, I am Crypto. I have many names: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and many others. I am a ... more
3 Jan
Entity Classification, new Tax Act, 2018 Tax Law

Entity Classifications Under the New Tax Act

Welcome to 2018 and your new 2018 Tax Laws. If you are not aware, there is a new Tax Law that will affect all of you in our Professional care this year. We know, ... more
21 Dec
Business, Morris+D’Angelo, Portland Oregon, Trending, Video

Cryptocurrency: New Business Model Implementations, Not for Amateurs

The modern world of economics now includes cryptocurrencies where there are lagging, coincident and leading indicators. In the arena of new business model implem... more
20 Dec
2017 Congress, Tax Reform, Wealth Preservation

Our Road Map to Understanding the Pending Tax Reform

Taxation in the USA is a delicate balance of social policy, fantasy economics, revenue raising, and a solid dose of political hope that it lasts long enough to get ... more
18 Dec

Part II: How Public Is Your Elevator Pitch

Last month I shared how “Wowed” I was with the Public Elevator Pitch I saw in the lobby of the International Law Offices of Stephenson Harwood (Hong Kong) while ... more
17 Dec
Business Relationships, Business Travel, Human Touch, Professionalism

Traveling Part II: On the Road and Across the Pond(s) and Into 2018

I’m finally on my way home to be with my wife and family over the Holidays and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been on the road traveling it seems this last ... more
29 Nov
Daniel Morris, Founder, Oregon, Portland, Start-Up

Start Ups: The Start-Up is an Attitude, Not an Age

Why is Your New Business is a Start-Up and My Old Business Not We all know young individuals who impress us as adolescents or pre-adolescents with how they behave ... more
28 Nov
Elevator Pitch, Services, Business Pitch

How Public is Your Elevator Pitch

In Business, it takes every Employee, every Partner, every Team Member and Friend, who should know and understand what the Enterprise (business) is going after? ... more
28 Nov
Bitcoin hype, bitcoin, cybercurrency

Cryptocurrency Fuels More Hype than Fear

Let me explain After a few short years of investing in cryptocurrency and preaching its gospel, it appears that some venture-capital experts are finally listen... more
27 Nov
Tax Reform, USA Tax, 2017 Tax Preparation, CPA

The Future of Tax Reform is a Long and Winding Road

What are some of the things we should be thinking about? It will have hills and valleys and undulations and peaks, vistas, views and frustration We are a ... more
2 Nov
Tax Preparedness, Tax Avoidance, Tax Projections

Tax Series: Capital Gains and Tax Projection

It’s the middle of October 2017 and not only have we “just” completed our Company Retreat but a whole readjusting, reconnecting and reprioritizing our ... more
1 Nov
London, Business Travel, Daniel Morris,, CPA, Portland Oregon

The Human Touch: Optimizing My Time Across the Pond

It’s All About the Human Touch and how we connect with People Business is People: the Customer Experience and Keeping Commitments Sometimes business ... more
30 Oct
Economics, Daniel Morris, Homer Simpson

Economics: Spock vs. Homer Simpson

Classical economics is built on the assumption that people make rational decisions based on the desire to increase their economic well-being. In some groups ... more
29 Oct
Principled Leadership

Principled Leadership is Always Superior to Rules-Based Methods

Regardless of your profession, I am convinced there is a conflict between those that believe in principle-driven decisions (Principled Leadership) and those that ... more
19 Sep
international tax enforcement, Data Investigations

New International Tax Enforcement Programs

I have been spending plenty of time in 2017 for what seems like an endless slipstream of travel; mostly to Europe and this Fall, I'll be investing some time in Asia ... more
18 Sep
Bitcoin, Commerce, Cryptocurrency, Money, Cash

Money is the Lubricant of Commerce... or Is It?

Money is a funny thing. It means so much to so many. "Money is the lubricant of commerce." Or is it? Ever wonder what money is? Is it value? Is it merely ... more
16 Sep
Cross Border Tax, Hong Kong, Global Taxation, Global Commerce, World Commerce

The Global Governmental Crusade Against Cross-Border Tax Effectiveness

Business owners and individual taxpayers are constantly in a natural tug-of-war with governments and their tax authorities. It is well understood that the world's ... more
15 Sep
Equifax, Hack

Equifax Hack

Stop and Read What Morris+D'Angelo Advises for the Equifax Hack I have a strong feeling that you're aware of the latest security breach at one of the major ... more
24 Aug
Economics, Milton Friedman

Economics: Four Ways to Spend Money

Economics has always intrigued me. I remember a professor spending days lecturing about money supply, interest rates, demand, inflation, and other metrics; only to ... more
18 Aug
Asset Protection, Daniel Morris, Portland, Oregon

Asset Protection, Trust Planning, and Letter of Wishes

My long-awaited trip to Idaho to pick up my restored 1997 Porsche Targa 911 SC finally arrived. I flew with my brother Mike the other day to Idaho to pick up my ... more
17 Aug
Tax Project, Tax Planning, Daniel Morris, CPA

Tax Projects vs Tax Planning

We're Not Normal and We Don't Expect You to Be Either When It Comes to Your Tax Planning, Tax Projections and Forecasting Our accounting firm's Customer-Base ... more
16 Aug
School Budgets, Textbooks, Tuition

It's Time to Build Your Back-to-School Budget

We just left behind record-setting 100-degree summer weather in Portland, Oregon. The cool temperatures of the Oregon Coast are still calling, and it’s time for ... more
28 Jul
Daniel Morris, Dan Morris,Portland, Oregon, Africa, Bucket List

Africa: The Bucket List

Long before the movie “The Bucket List” about two aging septuagenarians seeking their salvation through completing their unfinished personal wish lists (Morgan ... more
20 Jul
Family, Legacy Planning, Transition Wealth

Family Legacy Planning: Transition Wealth to Future Generations

At Morris+D’Angelo, we along with other Financial Service Professionals face what is perhaps our largest challenge that at the same time would help our Custom... more
19 Jul
Bitcoin, Virtual Currency, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Payment

Tapping Into the Digital Currency Revolution: Why Business Needs to be Bitcoin Friendly

Transacting in blockchain backed currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum is becoming increasingly common. Over 300,000 daily transactions are occurring using Bitcoin. ... more
18 Jul
Timesheet, Cost, Value, Value Pricing

Kill The TimeSheet: Are You Still Trading Hours for Dollars

Ask any C-Level (corporate) professional what they detest most about their day-to-day tasks, and most will admit it's their accounting of Time (timesheets). Is your ... more
5 Jul
University of Oxford, Daniel Morris, portland oregon

Our Private Wealth Advisory Services Just Reached a New High-Level

As the only American and one of 16 Global Honorees (one of two in the Western Hemisphere), Daniel Morris has recently earned his Wealth Advisory Services Post-Pro... more
25 Jun
Bitcoin, Virtual Currency, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Payment

Virtual Currency: A Primer on Bitcoin and Why Bitcoin Matters

When our clients first began discussing Bitcoin a few years ago, I wasn't sure what they were talking about. I had never heard of Digital or Cryptocurrency. Fast ... more
24 Jun
CoWorking, Office, Community, Daniel Morris, Portland, Oregon

The Value of Community in a Shared CoWorking Office

A Professional Network is more defined by whom you keep out rather than who you let in. This is counter to the prevailing feel good; bigger is better, Social Media, ... more
23 Jun
Total Quality Service, Customer Service, Customer Care

Total Quality Service: Still Required for Your Business Success

Before there was Value Pricing, Total Quality Service was the normal business practice. Myself and other colleagues and collaborators, Ron Baker and Thomas L. ... more
22 Jun
Residency, Portland, Oregon, Choices

Portland, Oregon: What If People Could Choose Their Residency

What If? Over the course of my career, I have been challenged several times about my Residency, my decision to be licensed in Oregon along with my California ... more
26 May
Bitcoin, Alt Currency, Virtual Currency, Cryptocurrenices

Virtual Currency Bitcoin: Does it Still Matter

When my clients first began discussing Virtual Currency Bitcoin, I had a quizzical look on my face. I wasn’t sure what they were talking about and I had never ... more
24 May
Value, Value Pricing, Worth

Value Pricing What's it Worth in Your Forest

How I Transitioned My Firm to Value Pricing Becoming the King of Your Forest: Why Courage is the Value Pricing Savior Implementing value pricing today is ... more
23 May
Sarah Myers-Mitchell, Portland Oregon, Morris D'Angelo, CPA, Accountant, Financial Services

Introducing: Sarah Myers-Mitchell, Our Newest Addition in Portland, Oregon

Sarah Myers-Mitchell is our newest team member of Morris+D’Angelo Office in Portland, Oregon.   Of course we were impressed with Sarah’s taxation ... more