A Call for Mindfulness in Our Modern World

I love people, all kinds of people. I’m as near as I can recall a fourth generation White Male of European (Polish Ancestry) decent that we know of on my Mother’s side (circa 1896). It’s time for us to promote thoughts of mindfulness.

As you know I am frequently traveling around the world with most of my travel time spent in Europe and Asia. My travels allow me to experience and absorb different cultures and beliefs that suggest and determine how people might behave. I have friendships with all types of people with different and sometimes opposing perspectives on how one should live their lives.

I believe that opinions are personal and facts are public. We should always agree on facts and then form opinions as their value

MindfulnessGeopolitical; personal attributes; religious differences; gender and sexual differences, etc. all need to be respected. I have friends who read (sometimes too much) and those who talk (sometimes too much); I have friends that listen with both ears and others that seem to hear words they only want to hear and ultimately interpret the messages to suit their needs.

Where Would We Be Without Social Media

I often marvel at the invention of Social Media and the benefits of Individual, Group and sometimes Collaborative communication on these “Social” platforms. I enjoy seeing and reading about the celebrations of everyday life and the special days too. I like that Bart Willner posts pictures of his simple homemade meals while others may post their unique dining experiences. Both are awesome and both are different. It is our blending that matters. This is what leads to my frustration with these social media platforms more often these days.

I have city-friends and country-friends. I have friends whose beliefs are far-left and far-right. I likely have a few alien fiends too – sometimes they look just like you and me. It’s hard to tell the differences these days.

I know people who are “Documented” and maybe some who are not. I have collected over the years many friends from near and far and I cherish all of my relationships and memories of and with them.

I appreciate the differences of opinion and well-reasoned discussions; this is the process of learning and empathy. Conversely, I do not like ignorant name-calling and attacks against groups of people whether they are marginalized or not. I believe in liberty for both the individual and for our society. I believe that opinions are personal and facts are public. We should always agree on facts and then form opinions as their value.

I believe that all politicians mean well, some more so than others. For some, the system corrupts and for others, well, they’re already corrupted. Our responsibility as citizens is to help weed out the bad and promote the good. Of course, the differences between good and bad are frequently different. Again – it is working together that is important.

I don’t filter comments on my posts. I simply request respect among my friends for differences of opinion and value that people may have wrong conclusions while remaining valued as persons. Kant (Kant’s Moral Philosophy) reminds us “…people deserve respect because all people have dignity…”

How we say what we say and how we conclude our thoughts based upon the available options says a lot about a person. I embrace differences because if we are all the same, then at least one of us is irrelevant and I would never consider any of you in such terms.

For today and each day forward, I implore you to be reasoned and to respect others even if you believe their positions are incorrect. I believe that each of you has strength and weaknesses – we are the support when you are weak and you are our strength when you are strong.

Now – have a good day

Daniel Morris
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