How We Work: What’s In It For You

At Morris+D’Angelo, We Sell Sleep — Your Peace of Mind

We’re not just Not Just Another CPA Firm®


Dan-Morris_SquareSpot_BalancedStones At Morris+D’Angelo, we are a Tax and Business Advisory Firm that believes by helping our customers control their own financial information tools and systems as well as leverage our financial expertise toward our customer’s growth, they will flourish, and be empowered to seek their own paths to success.


What We Believe: Remain Flexible and Nimble

As a “financial” version of a Silicon Valley Start-Up, we wanted to create a CPA Firm like no other whose principles created the Tax and Business Advisory Firm that we are today.

We believe that customers should only work with professionals that are engaged in pursuit of similar goals and objectives.

Our Commitment: Focused Customer Attention

We believe by prioritizing focused attention on our relationships with our customers is the way to maximize the benefit of our services. Further, this commitment empowers our customer’s adoption of financial information systems that leverage our financial expertise in business and life that help you grow and lead your own paths to success.



  • Morris+D'Angelo's Code of Conduct -- Above and Beyond
    Code of Conduct:

    At Morris + D’Angelo we believe in and practice a code of conduct that is best described by the Greek Statesmen and Senator – Plenides said “to live a moral life, you must do more than required, and less than allowed.”

    Plenides nailed it. In modern terms we define our code of professional conduct to include the following:

    1. • To treat confidential information as, well…..confidential. We won’t share, discuss, or expose information that should remain out of reach of outsiders.
    2. • To treat all customers, current and former, with respect and dignity.
    3. • To treat all team members with the same courtesy and respect we expect of ourselves.
    4. • We will uphold the best of professional standards in our work, in our relationships, and in our personal lives
    5. • We will be flexible and creative whenever possible and whenever such flexibility and creativity is not in conflict with professional or personal standards.
    6. • We will remain light hearted and we will leverage humor whenever possible and even more so during times of conflict and stress
    7. • To remain not only current with professional standards but at the future edge of where professional services are headed
    8. • To live with integrity and objectivity in everything we do.
    9. • To remember that we are here to serve our customers and to never forget that by providing outstanding service with a commitment to excellence we are provided with the honor to serve again.
    10. • To recognize that legal and ethical are frequently different and that true professionals willingly accept the higher road.
  • Privacy Policy
    Privacy is Important to Us and to You

    As a Certified Public Accounting firm, we adhere to the highest level of professional ethical responsibility and obligations to protect the confidentiality of your information. We are governed by federal and state regulations to protect your privacy along with enhanced privacy and ethics requirements from our professional voluntary association with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the California Society of Certified Public Accountants and the Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants to uphold your confidential information as a cornerstone of our professional service. This Privacy Policy summarizes what information we collect about you, the limited times when we may share it with others, and how we protect your privacy.



    We collect various types of information in the normal course of providing tax preparation, planning, compliance, and advisory services. We collect various types of personal information about you from the following sources:


    Information you provide when we meet with you in person . Information that you provide electronically, regardless of means, including but not limited to email, fax, telephone, social media, cloud storage, and similar impersonal methods of delivery. Information that you provide via physical delivery including mail, package delivery, and courier of any type or source. Information collected may include, for instance, your name, address, birth date, social security number, income and investment sources and amounts, and other tax and financial attributes about you.


    Information about your transactions with us, our affiliates, our jointly related service providers such as attorneys, investment advisors, bankers, where you have provided express authority to exchange confidential information, or others where we receive information that you have provided to them and for which they share with us under any form of authority. Such information may include, for instance, investment allocations and performance, investment objectives, parties to transactions, account balances, and payment history.


    We may receive information from you or send to you via our online portal or equivalent methodology of connecting with our firm. We regularly retain information you provide to us via email and information we send to you via email electronically on our secure servers.



    Although we currently do not have formal affiliates (such as a captive financial advisory service), we may share personal information with our affiliates to assist in our providing tax and financial planning solutions and opportunities to you. We do not share personal information with unaffiliated third parties without your express consent, except as permitted by law and as described below.


    The law permits disclosure in certain circumstances, such as if we must share information to protect against fraud or to protect against credit risk, in response to a court subpoena, and share with others who may be assisting us in compliance with professional standards or who assist us in providing tax preparation and other services to you.


    We may also share any, or all, of the information we collect, as described above (except for consumer reporting agency information) with nonaffiliated third parties that perform other support services on our behalfs, such as outside data processing, tax preparation, and technical support.


    For your protection, our agreements with these entities require that they also keep your personal information in the strictest of confidence and in accordance with the best of professional standards.



    Keeping your information confidential and secure is of utmost importance to us. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to guard your personal information. We restrict access to your personal information to those employees who need to know that information to provide services to you and to the aforementioned support service companies. Any support services company is legally and contractually bound to maintain the privacy of any information shared with them. Our employees are bound by internal confidentiality policies and are subject to disciplinary action for any policy violations. Your confidentially, within the confines of the law and professional standards, survives your direct relationship with our firm. We will maintain security and safety of your information regardless of your current status with our firm. We will confidentially destroy your aging information in accordance with our records retention policy which currently allows us to destroy files after seven years.


    Our Commitment

    Our personal and professional ethical obligations and responsibilities demand the highest regard and duty toward the confidentiality of your personal information and security of your privacy. We will protect your personal information, use it appropriately, and accomplish our tasks with you in such manner as to always demonstrate our commitment to professionalism and by extension, we will maintain your trust and confidence. Please contact any partner or team member with any questions.

  • Transparency Policy

    Transparency Policy:
    At Morris+D’Angelo, we believe in Open Transparency. Your full files, notes, and communications are open for inspection and duplication upon request.


    We work for you, our customer; we are part of your team. In order for us to work well together there can not be secrets or confidentially withheld information.


      Examples of our Transparency Policy:

    1. For some reason you decide to change CPA firms. With your permission we will provide a complete copy of our working paper files including our software copy of your most recent tax return(s) upon request.

    2. Some people ask why we operate in this manner? Well, the answers are simple: First, it is how we would want to be treated. Treating our customers well even when we separate is a hallmark of a True Professional. Second why would we desire to have the future CPA repeat work that we had already completed? This wastes valuable time and energy that would be better used for servicing current and future needs rather than recreating history. No reason to pay for the same work twice. Third, we treat other firms and other professionals with courtesy and as colleagues and not as competitors. A Profession should stand together even when desire to serve the same customer. And finally, our fourth reason is because oftentimes customers return after experiencing other firms and determining that We are simply a superior offering and when they return (as they frequently do) we expect to receive the updated files back in order to better and more quickly become up to date with changes. Playing nice in the neighborhood brings dividends for all.
    3. Transparency also applies to how we operate internally between and among our team members. Because we are a Firm of the Future and we don’t’ have timesheets, personal books of business , or hourly rates, we naturally engage a coordinated team approach to our customer service. This process naturally requires open and frequent communications amongst our entire team from administrative positions to senior partners. All members of our team are fully capable and authorized of providing services to each and every one of our customers.
    4. Transparency includes our pricing model as well. As documented through our materials, we price our services based upon the value received by our customers. We do not charge hourly rates or time-based pricing models. Each and every project we perform for a customer is to be priced up front with a defined scope. Although there are rare exceptions to the price before service (unclear scope, emergency needs where an outline only is known) – the pricing model is never time-based. We believe that a customer should never be surprised by an invoice they had not already approved.