Do You Need Help with an Immigration Concern or Challenge?

Morris + D’Angelo is collaborating with Portland, Oregon Law Firm Passage Immigration Law to provide the latest in Immigration Law News and Solutions

Morris+D’Angelo is collaborating with “Passage Immigration Law” (PIL) a law firm in Portland, Oregon that helps businesses, families, and individuals with their immigration needs and challenges. Founded by immigration attorney Erick Widman, the Passage Immigration Law firm aims to help their customers navigate the often confusing and complicated immigration maze. 1

We’ll be publishing a series of updates from Passage Immigration Law over the next several weeks as a guide for those who may be affected by recent changes and challenges in the evolving immigration laws and rules.

Immigration Law, Passage Immigration, Passage Immigration Law Firm, Portland OregonThe hurdles and roadblocks to receiving a green card, a visa, or U.S. citizenship have increased since President Trump took office. Passage Immigration Law would like to share some tips on how to stay ahead of these obstacles. 2

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is taking longer than ever to process cases. Issuing additional requests for evidence and sometimes scheduling additional interviews are becoming common occurrences. Therefore, it’s extremely important for your immigration petitions to be submitted correctly the first time and for you to be well-prepared if you, your employee, or your family member is scheduled for an immigration interview.

Here are some guidelines to keep your case moving forward in the Trump-Era

  • If you’ve already filed an immigration case and are experiencing delays, you’re not alone.
  • USCIS is processing cases so slowly that senators from both sides of the aisle have demanded action.
  • It can be tempting to call USCIS for an update, but doing so risks adversely affecting your case (and usually forces you to wait on hold for hours).

Passage Immigration Law has shared some valuable information and tips on their Website to help you know when and how to follow up with USCIS. If you have questions about your current or future immigration case, feel free to contact Passage Immigration Law at (503) 427-8243 or eMail them at

Passage Immigration Law is waiting to hear from you.

Immigration Law, Passage Immigration, Passage Immigration Law Firm, Portland Oregon 3

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