What’s in it for your Customers… Customer Service

There’s little debate that our world has changed dramatically since the invention of the Internet. While the availability of technology that can automate just about anything we can imagine, the gap between high-performing and low-performing CPA firms is even wider NOW, begging the question: What are successful CPAs doing differently in today’s fast-paced, brave new world? AND Who’s paying attention? 1  

Customer Service: We Pay Attention to the Rest of the World at Morris+D’Angelo and What’s Happening

As adopters of good technology and/or business software, we at Morris+D’Angelo feel these are important earmarks of today’s “Modern” successful CPA firm or Business. When you observe your Financial Service Provider (CPA Firm) investing in intuitive, and beneficial Internet Portals (Website, Social Media, etc.), you can rest assured that WE would encourage your Business Growth alongside ours..

What are successful CPAs doing differently in today’s fast-paced, brave new world? AND Who’s paying attention?

The answer, surprisingly, is all of these things—and none.
Adopting the newest app or growing your fan base on social media isn’t the linchpin that will transform your business. However, emerging technology does present a unique opportunity for you and/or your Customers to undergo a true paradigm shift that will mean the difference between mediocrity and success in the new world of accounting.
At Morris+D’Angelo, we are fortunate to be at the center of High-Tech development in the San Fransisco, Silicon Vally area of California and in Portland, Oregon.

So, Here’s What We’re Doing… At Least These Three Ways

1. The Client-Centric Approach
The message is clear, Successful Modern Businesses are dramatically shifting the way they approach Customer relationships. They’re moving away from a service-provider model and toward an advisory model with the help of Modern Methods and Technology that streamline data-intensive tasks toward effective-efficiency with a focus on our helping Customers improve their Business performance and operate strategically.
2. Embracing Technology
Successful Firms and Businesses are embracing change and innovation through business-critical technology and software, mobile technology, a paperless office, and the use of client portals. A willingness to evolve will continue to be a hallmark of high-performing versus low-performing “Modern Businesses in 2017.
3. Collaborate 1+1=3: Specializing and Partnering
High-performing CPA firms will become the best in their niche, able to provide honed solutions and counsel for businesses in their wheelhouse. By forming partnerships with best-of-breed tech solutions, these firms will likewise successfully be able to maintain a breadth of revenue streams without losing honed focus in their niche.
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