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We Have a New Tax Law

The US House and Senate have both passed “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” (HR1). (https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/1) Tax laws and policies are far more complicated than it would appear. We have the expertise to keep you in the center lane of traffic to avoid any head-on collisions (the pending updates to the new tax reform). Daniel Morris, Managing Director, Chief Dragon Slayer Regardless of the reasons why and the effects of historical tax policies, we will have a new “Tax” landscape. We have our finger on the pulse of the new pending outcomes so you won’t have to. Daniel Morris Chief Dragon Slayer
Tax Reform Summary Download: Tax Summary, Morris D'AngeloThe Morris+D'Angleo 2-Page Summary of the Recently Passed Tax Reform Act Visit our Tax Reform Summary Page here

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Our business is to assist you with your Freedom and Independence that allows the possibility of achieving your best outcomes.  
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    We price for purpose and results; Our pricing is not based on time. Our customers are the sole arbiter of our value for them. That's our Service Guarantee.   Customers from near and far, reach out to Morris + D'Angelo for assistance with the most important decisions in their personal and business lives. In essence... We help resolve the challenges that keep people awake at night.  
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    Our firm's tagline is "Not Just Another CPA Firm®". We live and breathe this every day. Our firm and team are regularly sought out by other professionals for assistance for the most challenging and complex of financial problems and situations. Why? Because we approach challenges differently.   We seek and find solutions where others only see barriers and challenges. We are known as the "Expert's Expert" because we provide opportunities where others struggle also known as the "Dragon Slayers"
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Dan Morris, CPA, Patrick D'Angelo, San Jose California, Silicon Valley Morris, D'Angelo, Portland Oregon San Jose California San Jose: World Headquarters We are a Strategic CPA and High-End Financial Consultancy Firm with global locations to help our customers maximize their Liberty toward their ability that Achieves all they Desire.