What’s Ahead for Another Great Year

Morris+D’Angelo : The Future of Our Accounting

First, Thank You to all of those who we collaborate with, work for and provide financial services to; and, to those who I’ve met on my many travels and speaking engagements “Here-and-There” around-the-world throughout the year.

Preparing: Tomorrow’s Competitor is Invisible to Us Today

Daniel Morris, Managing Director, Chief Dragon Slayer2017 is going to be another exciting year as we define and develop new client services to serve you better. You see, we’ve stayed in touch with our Customers (you); we listened, so we know and realize that we have to evolve to stay relevant and provide the Services you need toward your financial success-goals not only for today, but also for tomorrow, next week, and the years to come.

We’re improving our services to not only strengthen our foundation of “Traditional” accounting methods and services but also to include you in their “digitally-evolved” effective-efficiency as well. When we find something that works, you can bet on it, that we’ll share it with you.

What a Fantastic year for all of us at Morris+D’Angelo!
Thank You! -Daniel Morris

New Tools (technology) and People to Help Us Innovate for You

To better serve you as of January 1, 2017, we have another office. We’re in Portland, Oregon! — 2017 was the year to finally commit and expand our services North to Portland where I originated and have my “Family Roots”. We introduced Oregon State University alum Brian Dazey last month, so if you haven’t met him yet, stop by and say “Hi”. We’re looking forward to announcing our new menu of services with the addition of the new Portland office… coming soon.

Our San Jose, California office hasn’t been sitting still either as we’ve added new Talent to our TEAM (Together Each Achieves More) to broaden our Services and Service Areas.

On the technology side, Morris+D’Angelo has invested in tens-of-thousands of dollars making sure your information and data is safe. The less said, the better, but know that you, your information’s privacy, and data security are at the top of our minds.

Thank you, we look forward to our continued working relationship providing Financial Services with you in mind; “Services” that are designed to help you retain your wealth.

Some Lessons I Learned Along the Way:

    1. Invest a little now to save a lot later; Your Time.
      If you’re running a Small Business, chances are you’re “too” BUSY (OBTW not an excuse). So busy you don’t have time to implement the very processes and systems that would save time over the long haul… Think Again – Contact Us, we have answers
    2. Dragon Slayer Automation
      While automation is easy for small teams to be efficient, chances are, you may not be taking advantage of this. Because growing businesses often consider automation to be more of a BIG Business thing. Without a dedicated IT team, it can be challenging… False! Today’s tools are friendly to use – Contact Us, we have answers. We’ve been early adopters since the beginning of the Internet.
    3. Digitally Connecting your business is Paramount for Business Success
      We know the Internet “Rules”, but we want to Advise you to use it Wisely; effectively and efficiently to meet your Business and Profit Goals. Make sure you’re considering technology that can integrate well with your Goals and Expectations. Contact Us, we can help you with your Expectations and Solutions
    4. Long-term vision is King of the Jungle
      With everything you’ve got going on, it’s hard to think about what’s on the horizon. So when Small Business engage with technology, they often make decisions based on what they need now, rather than what they will need in the future. But the world is moving fast; be sure your Vision is High enough. Contact Us, we experienced in Long-Term Planning and Succession Solutions

You may contact Daniel Morris directly:


Daniel Morris, Managing Director, Chief Dragon SlayerDaniel Morris
707 SW Washington St., Suite 1100
Portland, Oregon 97205

503.749.6300 – Portland Office
408.292.2892 – San Jose Office


Adaptive Strategies are Vital to Success

On a personal note, so that I can keep up with the rest of you, I’ve committed to evolve my “old” Bad Habits and Learn and ReLearn new ones so that I will be able to Move-the-Needle of my future health.

I’ve only been at it since the New Year and since then, I have made a lifetime commitment (Lifestyle) to be AWARE and monitor my Nutrient Consumption and Activity levels to where they need to be in order to accomplish my Nutrient and Fitness Goals. All this, so I can continue to live and enjoy my Family AND, my reward; to realize a longtime dream; to go on a trip to Africa this summer (another good reason) that will require that I be in better Cardio Conditioning that I currently am.

So, Come join me… See you at the Top


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