What does helping people in Guatemala have to do with accounting in Portland, Oregon?

What does helping people in Guatemala have to do with accounting in Portland, Oregon? The answer is NOTHING! 1

So, why would my employer Morris + D’Angelo support my traveling to Guatemala? When I was hired by Morris + D’Angelo in San Jose to open and expand their office in Portland Oregon, I expected to have a “typical” retail space someplace where potential customers could come and get advice and counsel about their taxes. However, that’s not typically all we do at Morris + D’Angelo. While it’s true, we help our customers solve their specific tax needs, we do much more. We help multi-generational family businesses, individuals and other business entities navigate the ever-changing US tax code. We solve problems that other accounting service firms walk away from because they require more than a cookie cutter solution. When we say we sell sleep, that’s exactly what we do. We sell sleep at Morris + D’Angelo.

“We create relationships based on trust, and when a customer knows we have their best interest at heart, we can focus on solving problems and reduce stress levels for everyone. “

It’s just “the right thing to do

We help solve those messy, sticky, ugly situations that transform operating and owning a business from an exciting challenge to a hideous nightmare. But, let’s get back to what helping others in Central America has to do with allowing a business owner to go home to their families at night and not worry about what’s happening back at the office. The answer is both simple and complex. We create relationships based on trust. When a customer knows we have their best interest at heart, we can focus on solving challenges and reduce stress levels for everyone.

So, what does that have to do with helping others in a Country two thousand miles away? Helping others is our way of “Leading by Example,” making our world a better place for you, me, and everyone else on planet earth. We believe helping others is what one does to contribute to a better community and society overall. It’s difficult to attach a price tag to how helping others helps Morris + D’Angelo. At the same time, I’m hard-pressed to put a dollar amount on the satisfaction I get from helping strangers I’ve just met or don’t even know. Does the price (cost) make charitable efforts worthwhile? Of course! Helping others is a mindset that isn’t quantifiable, sometimes, it’s just “the right thing to do.”

Growing Up In Portland, Oregon

My youth In Portland Oregon was spent growing up as a Boy Scout, embracing and living the Boy Scout Slogan, “Do a good turn daily,” is a part of my being, deep inside. This mindset is also present in Rotary International where the motto is “Service Above Self.” To help others, it takes both Action and Support from those around you.

When I approached the leadership at Morris + D’Angelo to travel to Guatemala to do volunteer work, I wasn’t greeted with a battery of questions and ROI calculations, I was met with solid support and appreciation. A wise man told me when I was growing up that to understand a person’s purpose, you need to watch their actions and not their words. I’ve learned the same holds true for a business. Profit is necessary and will be rewarded as one delivers solutions to customers over the long term, but profit isn’t the only deliverable to consider. During my tenure at Morris + D’Angelo I have learned and been encouraged to reinforce the message that character counts as much as profit; and when the rubber hits the road, actions do indeed speak louder than words. We walk our talk at Morris + D’Angelo.

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Brian Dazey
Brian Dazey joined Morris + D’Angelo in January 2017 to open a full-service office in Portland, Oregon. Brian has worked for several Fortune 100 Companies along with establishing several successful manufacturing and services centered enterprises. Brian leads the Firm’s marketing and business development efforts along with providing operational and strategic direction. Brian’s experience in marketing, operations, sales, and entrepreneurial roles is valuable as Morris + D’Angelo expands into new markets and locations.

If you would like Brian to speak to you or your Professional Group and bring clarity about the new frontier of the new business tax law changes. Please contact us.

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