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Tax Considerations When a Loved One Passes Away (Part 2 of 3)

If you become an executor of your loved one’s estate, you may have some important tax decisions to make. Here are some quick thoughts. The now-deceased loved one may have been single or married and may have been a relative or not.

Tax Considerations When a Loved One Passes Away (Part 1 of 3)

During these challenging times dealing with COVID-19 and the additional challenges economic and otherwise it brings, if a loved one passes away and you serve as the executor or inherit assets, you need to consider your duties and so some tax planning.

Tax Projects vs Tax Planning

We're Not Normal and We Don't Expect You to Be Either When It Comes to Your Tax Planning, Tax Projections and Forecasting Our accounting firm's Customer-Base knows and is appreciative that we include Tax Planning and Tax Projections as a rule to nearly all of our Morris+D'Angelo's High-Worth Professional Engagements. Why Hire an Accounting Firm When Tax Planning Isn't Needed My Business Partner, Pat D'Angelo of nearly 30-years and I set out to build and create an Accounting Firm that empowered our Customers to succeed in areas of financial matters that most are not familiar with, especially High-Level Financial Concepts and Techniques that Pat ...

It’s Time to Build Your Back-to-School Budget

We just left behind record-setting 100-degree summer weather in Portland, Oregon. The cool temperatures of the Oregon Coast are still calling, and it’s time for us to start packing our young students backpacks because the new school year will be here before you can say ‘fall semester.’ We just returned from Carroll College in Helena, Montana where our youngest Kayla will be attending her freshman year. If you haven't done it yet, it's time to build your Back-to-School Budget. As you know, there is a significant financial cost associated with the start of a new academic year. Regardless of whether you’re a parent thinking about your ...