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Estate Planning for the Rest of Us

Whoever won that huge $997.6 million cash value Powerball jackpot last November needs some serious estate planning advice. Ditto for the winner of the $724.6 million cash value Mega Millions jackpot in January. Sadly, you did not win either. Nor did you inherit gazillions from your rich Uncle Fred, despite kissing up to him for all those years. Rats! Even so, you probably still need an estate plan. We will explain why. Don’t Fixate on the Big Federal Estate Tax Exemption You are probably among the vast majority who are not currently exposed to the federal estate tax, thanks to todayʼs ultra-generous $12.92 million exemption for ...

Handling Key Non-Tax Financial Issues When a Loved One Passes Away (Part 3 of 3)

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve discussed and published some suggestions on how you might proceed when a financially comfortable loved one has passed away and what you might do to prepare toward preserving your Estate or your duties as an Executor.