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Since 2008

Morris+D’Angelo has formally had a quiet presence in Portland, Oregon since 2008 serving local and global customers supported by our established Silicon Valley Headquarters.

We Love Portland, Oregon

Ian Sane, Brian Dazey, Sarah-Myers-Mitchell, Dan Morris, Daniel Morris, Portland, OregonAt the start of 2017, we joined with the Downtown Offices of NedSpace (corner of SW Washington and Broadway, Portland, Oregon) where we Serve and Enjoy at this shared office community per “Modern-Business” Best Practices (We Have a New Office In Portland, Oregon). 1

Why Portland? Frankly, Portland is founding partner Dan Morris’ hometown. Daniel is a Fifth-Gen Oregonian. His ancestors were members of the early pioneers that settled in the Willamette Valley and the Southern Oregon Coast. Daniel is a direct descendant of Sam Barlow who built the Barlow Road now part of Highway 26 over Government Camp and Highway 35 around Mt. Hood passed Mount Hood Meadows to Hood River. 2

After spending 25+ years in the Silicon Valley, Portland, Oregon has evolved to “The Place To Be” for its great innovative and pioneering “Spirit” combined with its desires to remain “Portland-Weird” and exciting.

At Morris+D’Angelo Portland, We Create New and Unique Ways to Creatively Solve Your High-Level Financial Growth and Preservation Challenges

Brian Dazey, Sarah-Myers-Mitchell, Dan Morris, Daniel Morris, Portland, Oregon, Downtown Portland, Tri MetContact us today. We are conveniently located in our downtown Portland, Oregon offices on the corner of SW Washington and Broadway (707 SW Washington St #1100, Portland, OR 97205)

Morris + D’Angelo serves local and global customers focusing services in Technology, Start-Ups, and Multi-Generational/Multi-National Family Enterprises.

We provide a unique holistic approach to business, strategy, wealth, value, and legacy planning/development facilitate individuals and businesses achieve their objectives and beyond.

Keep Portland Weird, Brian Dazey, Sarah-Myers-Mitchell, Dan Morris, Daniel Morris, Portland, Oregon

Foreign Business, Foreign Business Requirements, Start a Business in the U.S., State Taxes, United States

Happy New Year! Morris + D’Angelo Celebrating 25-Years and a New Decade Providing High-Level Financial Services Preserving Multi-Generational Family Wealth

Morris + D’Angelo provides assistance for people who are considering global expansion, most commonly into the United States. Morris + D’Angelo is a...
Morris + D’Angelo, Guatemala, Portland Oregon, Brian Dazey, Central America, Marketing, High-Wealth Customers

What does helping people in Guatemala have to do with accounting in Portland, Oregon?

What does helping people in Guatemala have to do with accounting in Portland, Oregon? The answer is NOTHING! So, why would my employer Morris + D’Angelo...
Daniel Morris, Founder, Oregon, Portland, Start-Up

Start Ups: The Start-Up is an Attitude, Not an Age

Why is Your New Business is a Start-Up and My Old Business Not We all know young individuals who impress us as adolescents or pre-adolescents with how they...
Asset Protection, Daniel Morris, Portland, Oregon

Asset Protection, Trust Planning, and Letter of Wishes

My long-awaited trip to Idaho to pick up my restored 1997 Porsche Targa 911 SC finally arrived. I flew with my brother Mike the other day to Idaho to pick...
School Budgets, Textbooks, Tuition

It’s Time to Build Your Back-to-School Budget

We just left behind record-setting 100-degree summer weather in Portland, Oregon. The cool temperatures of the Oregon Coast are still calling, and it’s...
University of Oxford, Daniel Morris, portland oregon

Our Private Wealth Advisory Services Just Reached a New High-Level

As the only American and one of 16 Global Honorees (one of two in the Western Hemisphere), Daniel Morris has recently earned his Wealth Advisory Services...
Bitcoin, Virtual Currency, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Payment

Virtual Currency: A Primer on Bitcoin and Why Bitcoin Matters

When our clients first began discussing Bitcoin a few years ago, I wasn’t sure what they were talking about. I had never heard of Digital or...
CoWorking, Office, Community, Daniel Morris, Portland, Oregon

The Value of Community in a Shared CoWorking Office

A Professional Network is more defined by whom you keep out rather than who you let in. This is counter to the prevailing feel good; bigger is better...
Total Quality Service, Customer Service, Customer Care

Total Quality Service: Still Required for Your Business Success

Before there was Value Pricing, Total Quality Service was the normal business practice. Myself and other colleagues and collaborators, Ron Baker and Thomas...
Residency, Portland, Oregon, Choices

Portland, Oregon: What If People Could Choose Their Residency

What If? Over the course of my career, I have been challenged several times about my Residency, my decision to be licensed in Oregon along with my...
Sarah Myers-Mitchell, Portland Oregon, Morris D'Angelo, CPA, Accountant, Financial Services

Introducing: Sarah Myers-Mitchell, Our Newest Addition in Portland, Oregon

Sarah Myers-Mitchell is our newest team member of Morris+D’Angelo Office in Portland, Oregon.   Of course we were impressed with Sarah’s taxation...
IRS, marital exclusion amounts , Same-Sex, Taxes

DOMA: Is It Time to Recalculate Your Marital Exclusion Amounts

IRS Now Permits Same-Sex Couples to Recalculate Marital Exclusion Amounts   Prior to 2013, under the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), same-sex couples...
Information Technology, IT, IT Systems

CFOs Try to Focus on Strategy, but Information Technology Systems (IT) Get in the Way

A number of our Financial Professionals and CFOs expect to evolve their Information Technology (IT) for their Firms in the coming year, but some are...
Daniel Morris, Dan Morris, Dragon Slayer

What’s Ahead for Another Great Year

Morris+D’Angelo : The Future of Our Accounting First, Thank You to all of those who we collaborate with, work for and provide financial services to;...
Brian Dazey, Portland, Oregon

We Have a NEW Office in Portland, Oregon

Introducing our new Portland, Oregon Office, and Tax Professional Brian Dazey. We are happy to announce the opening of our New Office in Portland, Oregon...