Morris+D’Angelo: The CPA Firm

Based in California’s Silicon Valley for over the past 20 years, Morris+D’Angelo has effectively provided San Francisco Bay Area’s top talent with unique Financial Solutions.


Morris-DAngelo_Spot_ConsultingSwitchThere is no “typical” Morris+D’Angelo customer. Each is special and each is unique. Our approach is to listen to understand goals, objectives, pain, struggles, and barriers to their success. The customer defines success. Our purpose is to assist people with their freedom and liberties thereby allowing them to achieve their best outcomes. Flip the switch today and contact us to start protecting your financial future. 1


Asset Protection

One of the best outcome for some is more wealth.
For some it is asset protection.
For some, it is keeping government tax authorities at away. For many, knowing they will sleep soundly with Morris+D’Angelo at the watch for their financial and tax dangers. The most important aspect is that we work with and for the benefit of our customers.


We are different. We have a soul, we have heart, we have ideas. That is one of the reasons we have a registered trademark for our slogan Not Just Another CPA Firm®. We operate with some solid philosophies and these guide our thinking. In any professional relationship, personality fit, and alignment of values are more important and have longer-lasting impacts than any technical knowledge, skills, or size of the team. We have learned that the intersection of where our customers are financially, emotionally, and psychologically requires our full attention and creativity. Sometimes the creativity is simple and basic. Sometimes it is difficult. It is never boring or repetitive. Customers deserve better than off the shelf concepts and advice designed for others.


Our methods for accepting new relationships are transparent and rugged.
Morris-DAngelo_Spot_Consulting-newCustomers We are determining the value of investing our intellectual capital into our customer’s business and lives. We are not a transactional practice. If our prospective customers desire transactions over relationships, we will happily introduce them to respective colleagues who operate under a different business model. We have learned that we are a great fit for some and not for others. Being proactively picky may create near-term pain but long-term success. 2


Our process is modernistically old school. We get to know each and every customer and their associates (including their key family members as appropriate). We invest in our relationships and we know our customers invest just as deeply. For success requires deep commitments from all parties. We have learned that one-sided investments are rarely mutually profitable and we don’t mean just dollars. In our practice, emotional paydays are more memorable than a customer’s check. It isn’t’ that we don’t want to be paid, we do, and in fact, we price our services based upon value, we simply measure profit more than merely what is in our checking account.



Price is what one pays. Value is what one receives.

We are a firm that prices our services based upon value received and value provided. We do not have hourly rates or any form of time-based pricing. Call us with a question, whether slow or fast, and it is included. Period. We do not charge or send invoices for phone calls, emails, texts, or meetings. This means there are no surprise invoices. We scope out each project and we agree to price and terms. We offer service level guarantees about the quality of our service. We stand behind our work, our ideas, and commitment to treating each and every customer professionally, with candor, and with respect. We expect the same in return as only together are we able to deliver the future that each customer desires. 3


We are different and proud of it. Welcome to our world and the beginning of the best journey of your life.