Morris+D’Angelo Financial and Tax Services

Not Just Another CPA Firm® — We all have unique needs

At Morris+D’Angelo, there is no such thing as a “typical” customer. Each of you are special and unique.


Daniel Morris, Morris and D'Angelo, CPA Firn, Silicon Vally, San Fransisco CaliforniaOur approach is to “Really Understand” your goals, objectives, pain, struggles, and barriers to your success. You, our customer, define what success is. Our purpose is to assist you with your Financial Freedom and liberty allowing the best outcomes. 1


For some, the best outcome is more wealth. For others, it is asset protection or keeping government tax authorities away. For many though it is their Peace of Mind that allows them to sleep soundly with Morris+D’Angelo on the lookout for their financial and tax dangers.


We always work with and for the benefit of our customers.


We are different. We have soul; we have heart and we have high-level financial ideas. This is one of the reasons we have a registered trademark for our slogan Not Just Another CPA Firm®. We operate with some solid philosophies that guide and shape our thinking. In any professional relationship, personality, fit, and alignment of values are more important and have longer-lasting impacts than any technical knowledge, skills, or size of a firm’s team. We have learned that the intersection of where our customers are financially, emotionally, and psychologically requires our full attention and creativity. Sometimes the creativity is simple and basic. Sometimes it is difficult. It is never boring or repetitive. Our customers deserve better than off the shelf concepts and advice designed for others.