Morris+D’Angelo Advisory and Consulting Services

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know — We Close That Gap

Morris-DAngelo_Spot_ConsultingAt Morris+D’Angelo, we can provide a “Short-Cut” to know-how, knowledge and information that does not exist in your organization.


Whether it’s for a specified period of time or ongoing services, we provide solutions to Specific Challenges and Situations; or Analyze, Diagnose or suggest Corrective Behavior. We also create and implement methodologies and systems that enhance effective efficiency and order to your business.


Our breadth of Financial Experience and our Worldwide Network of Business Relationships allow us to tap experienced “outsiders” point of view and evaluation toward your business growth.


Price is What One Pays. Value is What One Receives — Collective Minds and a Fresh Perspective

Consultants add value to your company based on the most mundane observations and insights. It may be “glorified common sense” we bring to the table but know we have a critical eye towards measurement, analysis, and improvement.


A Few Ways We Advise and Provide Services For You

Businesses We Serve:
Impat and Expat
SALT (State and Local Tax):
Fiduciary Duties:
All Business Tax Planning
and Projections:

Wealth Preservation
Asset Transfer Planning
Coordinated Family and Business Planning
Multi-Generational Planning
Tax Litigation Services:
Audit representation
Tax Court coordination, support, and expert services
Offshore compliance
Pre-audit planning and risk analysis
Amended returns
Mergers & Acquisitions:
Assistance with Valuation
Coordination of Terms
Options to Strategic Forms
Exit Planning Coordination
Buyer Representations
Seller Representations
Problem Solving / Solutions
Due Diligence
International Services:
Strategic Global Expansion
Corporate Planning
Tax Optimized Planning
Asset Protection Planning
Global Tax Preparation (supervision, review, and coordination)
Continuing Education / Speaking / Seminars and Workshops:
Business of the Future
Keynote Presentations
Customer Selection, Retention, Loyalty
Executive Retreats


Our methods for accepting new consulting relationships are transparent and rugged. We are determining the value of investing our intellectual capital into our customer’s business and lives. We are not a transactional practice. If our prospective customers desire transactions over relationships, we will happily introduce them to respective colleagues who operate under a different business model. We have learned that we are a great fit for some and not for others. Being proactively picky may create near-term pain but long-term success.


Our process is modernistically old school. We get to know each and every customer and their associates (including their key family members as appropriate). We invest in our relationships and we know our customers invest just as deeply. For success requires deep commitments from all parties. We have learned that one-sided investments are rarely mutually profitable and we don’t mean just dollars. In our practice, emotional paydays are more memorable than a customer’s check. It isn’t’ that we don’t want to be paid, we do, and in fact we price our services based upon value, we simply measure profit more than merely what is in our checking account.


Price is what one pays. Value is what one receives. We are a firm that prices our services based upon value received and value provided. We do not have hourly rates or any form of time-based pricing. Call us with a question, whether slow or fast, and it is included. Period. We do not charge or send invoices for phone calls, emails, texts, or meetings. This means there are no surprise invoices. We scope out each project and we agree to pricing and terms. We offer service level guarantees about the quality of our service. We stand behind our work, our ideas, and commit to treat each and every customer professionally, with candor, and with respect. We expect the same in return as only together are we able to deliver the future that each customer desires.


We are different and proud of it. Welcome to our world and the beginning of the best journey of your life.