Family Legacy Planning: Transition Wealth to Future Generations

Family, Legacy Planning, Transition Wealth
At Morris+D’Angelo, we along with other Financial Service Professionals face what is perhaps our largest challenge that at the same time would help our Customers actively plan for the future (Legacy Planning) and the transfer of their wealth without disrupting their current financial continuity.

Our understanding of high-level financial strategies allows us to help you adapt to better position and ultimately achieve your goals. We have the ability to help you form your thoughts about wealth transfer planning, how to clarify and satisfy your objectives, and help prepare and educate your heirs for future generations.

Money in Motion

We are in a period of the greatest migration of wealth in US history. As Baby Boomers (1946–1964) enter retirement, they are transitioning from accumulation to divestment and moving money across generations. This shift is a force reshaping the wealth management agenda and is expected to unfold over more than three decades.

  • $12 trillion in assets has already changed hands in the form of inheritances from the Silent Generation (1928–1945) to Baby Boomers. 1
  • Between 2011 and 2048, Baby Boomers are expected to transfer another $30 to $41 trillion to Generation X (1965–1980) and Millennials (1981–2000). 2
  • $59 trillion — with at least $39 trillion going to heirs — is the amount projected to changehands if we expand this time frame from 2007 to 2061. 3

Family, Legacy Planning, Transition WealthWe know from experience and our resources that many of you have not had the conversation yet. 4

Managing the Transition

Offering correct solutions to unique customer and client needs at the right time is critical. That’s what we’ve historically excelled at. Our experiences domestically and internationally have created several unique strategies for many of our “At-Retirement” customers by helping implement personalized goal-gases wealth management practices.

Daniel Morris
Daniel frequently provides high value, high worth content and advice via Workshops, Podcasts and Printed Articles concerning Wealth Preservation techniques. If you wish for Daniel to speak to you or your Professional Group, please contact us.

Morris+D’Angelo is the industry-leader for many High-Wealth Customers and Organizations.

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Family, Legacy Planning, Transition Wealth

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