Introducing: Steven J. Geller, CPA

Please welcome our newest Partner at Morris+D’Angelo, Steven J. Geller, CPA
In the making since Fall of 2015, Morris+D’Angelo has had our eye on CPA Steven Geller. Many of our Customers have already met and benefited from Geller’s expertise and we felt by adding Geller to the Morris+D’Angelo TEAM (Together Each Achieves More) would be a welcomed addition toward a seamless transition for the evolution of our added “advanced” Financial Services. 1


Geller’s addition helps make way for your seamless evolution and growth for 2017 and beyond as we prepare to reveal a number of enhanced Financial Services we will be able to provide. Specifically, Geller expands our capabilities in the areas of Real Estate services including:

  • Real Estate Development
  • Real Estate Acquisition, and
  • Tax-deferred Real Estate Exchanges

Additionally, Steven now brings our Attestation Services in-house, allowing us to provide Full Disclosure Reviewed and Compiled Financial Statements.
Steven integrates tax planning, compliance, and consulting, especially in complex situations in all forms of businesses. Similar to Pat and Daniel, Steven has honed his entrepreneurial experience and understanding by leading his family business. In addition to the more traditional tax and business services, Steven is active in litigation support, family offices, and forensics accounting services. He has been a court approved expert witness in several matters.
Steven is active in several regional and national civic related organizations and has served as both a local and national director.
Steven J. Geller, CPA

  • Advanced or Complex Tax Consulting
  • Attestation Services (audit)
  • Aviation Services
  • Complex Tax Planning
  • Family Offices
  • Real Estate Acquisition, and
  • Tax-deferred Real Estate Exchanges


You may contact Steven J. Geller directly:


Daniel Morris, Managing Director, Chief Dragon SlayerSteven J. Geller
1046 W Taylor St., Suite 200
San Jose, CA 95126-1815
408.292.2892 – San Jose Office
503.749.6300 – Portland Office


Steven J. Geller, San Jose, CPA
Although Steven loves his profession, he knows that there is more to life than work. He enjoys spending time with his wife Stacy and children Alex and Talya. Alex recently graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Aviation Science and is currently a pilot. Talya is a High-School Junior and enjoys dance and photography. Stacy, a special needs teacher in Los Angeles, and Steven have been lifelong sweethearts.2


With family and friends, Steven enjoys classic photography and has an inventory of cameras and lenses, both old-school film and new fangled digital. He uses his photography skills as he travels the world with his family and recently photographed the Los Angeles delegation to the March of the Living where high school students from around the globe replicate the movements of the Holocaust together with survivors in order to participate in connecting history with experience. He has served in both local and national leadership roles in various philanthropies; He is a self-proclaimed aviation and “Travel-Nerd” and proud of it.


If you haven’t had a chance to say hello to Steven, please do the next time you are in our San Jose, California office and if you’ve already been working with him, now you know a little more about him and why we were proud to welcome him as a “Pillar” of our TEAM.

  1. Photo: Christian Rondeau via Flickr

  2. Photo: Travis Wise, City Hall via Flickr

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