I Was Interviewed on the Morning Brew Podcast

I was honored to be interviewed on the Morning Brew Podcast last week where I was able to lend my expertise on the topic of Job Switching that seems to be a popular occurrence these days… more to my point about keeping tabs on your stock options and grants.

“If you left a job that provided you with stock options or paid you with restricted stock units (RSUs), don’t forget about them. Daniel Morris, the chief dragon slayer (yes, really) at accounting firm Morris + D’Angelo, told Money Scoop that you should have a lawyer or accountant review your contracts to make sure you’re taking all the comp that you’re entitled to before heading to your next gig. Don’t forget that you need to report it as compensation on your taxes.

“You don’t want to leave wealth on the table,” he said while wielding a sword. While stock compensation agreements are supposed to be written: “to be understood by people with an eighth-grade education, they’re written by people with master’s and law degrees, so they’re not easily readable.”

In short, don’t sweat it. Filing your taxes as a job switcher is easier than remembering the names of all your new co-workers. Plus with taxes, there’s no risk of having to look Sandy in the face after calling her, Susie.” (from the MorningBrew.com)

Restricted Stock Awards also called restricted stock units, or RSUs are supplementing Stock Options as a popular form of equity-oriented executive compensation.

The reason these exists is because Stock Options can lose most or all of their value if the underlying stock goes down in price.

In contrast, Restricted Stock Awards retain significant value as long as the underlying stock appreciates. If the stock price goes down, your employer can easily award additional restricted stock to adjust for that.

You may be asking, “Great, but what are the tax implications?” Good question.

If you are switching jobs or thinking about changing your current employment and are concerned about leaving your hard-earned money behind per your employment shift and would like clarification, guidance, or understanding of your best strategies for your Restricted Stock Awards and/or Stock Options, please contact us at Morris + D’Angelo. This is our Expertise!

Daniel Morris
Daniel frequently provides Media Content via Workshops, Podcasts, and Printed Articles on topics like Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, Wealth Preservation and Planning, Global Banking, and many other high-level financial topics that serve and demonstrate the Value of our Global Network that should be of interest to those who need Private High-Wealth Services.

If you would like Daniel to speak to you or your Professional Group and bring clarity about the new frontier of the new business tax law changes. Please contact us.

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