I Am Crypto

I am Crypto and Need to be Free

Please, allow me to introduce myself, I am Crypto. I have many names: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and many others. I am a currency and so much more yet the IRS wants to call me Property. I am fluid and mobile; volunteers freely created me, and I am free to use. I cross borders at the speed of light. I make so many happy yet there are a powerful few who want me caged (forced into a box).

I am nimble and evolving. My fans love and embrace me. My detractors want to enslave me with their “Traditional” ways (old fashion). I need to be free. Free to grow, mature, expand, and change as my friends and adopters (users) learn more about my potential and relevant “Value”.

Are there valid criticisms of me? Of course. Just like there are criticisms of my detractors. Those that don’t like me have many names; regulators, the SEC, Bankers of all types, Investment Firms, Venture Capital Groups, and frankly, those who fear change and all things new.

Please note, those who utilize me are not asking for protection. They love me. They know how to benefit from me and they are able to profit from me. I am able to bank the unbanked. I am capable of helping people who are unable to have their own banking accounts like women in many impoverished totalitarian regions of the world. I am able to help them sell their artisan products and purchase needed supplies for their families independently without interference from the outside. This is a wonderful benefit I can provide that my detractors can’t match.

I provide easy and affordable transfer of payments between businesses and consumers. I am able to move funds and payments 24/7/365 safely and conveniently. My detractors are unable to match my speed and security.

Have I been abused by unscrupulous persons? Yes, just as my detractors have and continue to be abused by such bad actors. The important difference is I have a record (paper trail) of who they are and where I have traveled. My detractors? They are unable to offer that. When they are used by evil it disappears forever without a trace and without a roadmap of who they are and where they went. I am superior to them in so many ways. This is why they fear me.

I was built by people to be free. Free from regulation. Free from interference. Free to be formed by adopters and programmers. Free to help so many those are outside of the “system” that has been historically squashed. I am freedom for the masses. I am the path forward and yet I am being held-back and prevented from progressing.

I am being held hostage by those who fear anything but their old methods. I am being censored and muted by those that fear I will destroy their abusive business practices that charge $50 to execute a transaction by a computer that I can do for free. I am being prohibited by Wall Street who fear they aren’t profiting from my growth, access, and success. I am being caged by the very same people who describe they like free markets but only the free markets they control. I was born free. I need to be free. I will not thrive in captivity bound by unserving rules.

Please help me open the doors and set me free. For the benefit of all, I need to be free.

Many thank you’s to fellow Cryptocurrency enthusiasts Julian Martinez, Ameen Soleimani (SpankChain) and Verasage colleague and Radio Host Ed Kless for your input and nudges.

Daniel Morris
Daniel frequently provides Media Content via Workshops, Podcasts and Printed Articles on topics like Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, Wealth Preservation and Planning, Global Banking and many other high-level financial topics that serve and demonstrate the Value of our Global Network that should be of interest to those who need Private High-Wealth Services.

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