How Public is Your Elevator Pitch

In Business, it takes every Employee, every Partner, every Team Member and Friend, who should know and understand what the Enterprise (business) is going after? What Professional Services, Information or Products do they provide? How do you Benefit others? What’s in it for them?

I recently returned from an eight-day business-trip to Asia that took me from Hong Kong and finally to Singapore for the “STEP Asia Conference 2017” that left me energized, inspired and ready to add-to and evolve our Branding Statment, “We’re Not Just Another CPA Firm” with new tools to grow our Branding “Building Block”.

Do You Know Yours? You have 30-seconds… Go!
When you have the opportunity, State your Business; “Pitch It”.

I was Wowed
Daniel Morris, Morris+D'Angelo, Stevenson Harwood, STEP Asia Conference 2017, While visiting the international law offices of Stephenson Harwood in Hong Kong I couldn’t help but notice their public “Elevator Pitch” in the middle of their Lobby. What a brilliant idea.

Now I know in a Blink:
A public “Elevator Pitch” is invaluable. Because it’s publically available, everybody has an opportunity to see it. They will learn; How many partners; the number of Associates and “other earners”; Locations; What They DO; Industry Silos they serve, etc.

It only Stands to Reason

My realization after years of doing “Business” (with traditional and evolving financial concepts) is that a basic understanding of the Services, Products or Information that my Business provides is paramount and more importantly, if my objective is to grow my Business, it is beyond paramount that “Everybody” on my team embrace and commit to our Branding Message; our Branding Building Blocks…

“We’re Not Just Another CPA Firm”
At Morris+D’Angelo, We Focus on these areas:
– Families
– Their Multiple-Generations
– Their Wealth and Financial Protection

More; But First…
So, I’m finally back home (it’s been a long trip), enjoying the Holidays with my family and friends in our new “Get-Away-Home” in the high desert country East of the Cascades. Wishing and Hoping that you and your family are preparing to have a prosperous new year in 2018. We can help you make sure that you do.

The topic of “Elevator Pitches” is important for Business and deserves another article more specifically to discuss what your and my elevator pitch should contain and hopefully accomplish.

Stay tuned.
Happy Holidays

Daniel Morris
Daniel frequently provides Media Content via Workshops, Podcasts and Printed Articles on topics like Cross-Border Transactions, Wealth Preservation and Planning, Global Banking and many other high-level financial topics that serve and demonstrate the Value of our Global Network that should be of interest to those who need Private High-Wealth Services. If you wish for Daniel to speak to you or your Professional Group, please contact us.

Morris+D’Angelo is the industry leader for many High-Wealth Customers and Organizations.

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