Social Security

Are You Able to Afford Retirement – 50% of You Don’t Think You Are

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Nearly half of Americans fear not being able to afford retirement Lot’s of Things Have Changed Since Mom and Dad Ran the Business We’re Living Longer This means your Assets have to last longer Company Pensions rarely exist (defined Benefit Plans like Unions and Government employees receive) 401ks are now the norm (personal contribution model) 2008 Recession/Depression stripped retirement assets to meet immediate financial obligations “Saving for retirement is a marathon, not a sprint. By establishing a monthly budget and starting to build up ...

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Social Security Taxes: Are You Paying Too Much

2017 Basics: Social Security Withholdings Not every Business Owner knows "All" or is aware of some of the details of their mistakes. Click to Continue for an introduction to key facts on Social Security and what you must do for your employees and how you can save yourself some money.   As a business owner, you're responsible for withholding certain federal taxes from your employees' wages. These include Federal Insurance Contributions Act taxes, or more commonly known as FICA taxes.   DID YOU KNOW: There's a cap on the wage amount for ...

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