Baseball Cards and Memorabilia as Office Decorations

With the United States baseball championship well underway in this year’s 2022 World Series, I received an interesting question about Sports Memorabilia (Baseball Cards) the other day and I thought I’d share this as a quick post.


I have an extensive baseball card collection and other baseball memorabilia, such as autographed baseballs, signed jerseys, and photographs. I would like to achieve some tax deductions for these items. Could I decorate my office with these items and then depreciate them for tax purposes?


No. In Simon v Commissioner, the court said you depreciate property that suffers exhaustion, wear, and tear, or obsolescence by its use in a business. 1

The court noted that valuable artwork purchased as office ornamentation is apt to suffer nothing more damaging than occasional criticism from the tutored or untutored . . . and yet it, too, would “probably fail” to qualify as recovery (depreciable) property.

The Simon case is especially instructive as it is one of the cases that approved the depreciation of antiques physically used in the business.

So, no matter who you’re rooting for to win this year’s World Series Baseball Championship, know that as a fan and a collector of Memorabilia you have some viable options that will work for you.

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