Ask Why and the Ramifications of Speaking Up

I Believe That It Is Important to Ask Questions Toward Clarity

Often, it takes two halves to make a whole

Ask Why

A couple of weeks ago I came across a heartfelt open letter from Julianna Wiegand, Owner of Make Cents Make Sense, LLC in New Orleans ( in “Accounting Today, January 2018” “She dared to ask “Why”?”

As the Chief Dragon Slayer at Morris+D’Angelo, I know first-hand the browbeating “We-Who-Question-Others” often receive.

First, our overall Accounting profession is far better (as it relates to people) then it was when I started at Arthur Young way back in 1984. I was labeled “Trouble” (insubordinate) after using humor directed at a Principal who was interviewing the HQ Controller of an SEC company. This was a big mistake on my part that led to a short “Big-8” career. Oh well, like Julianna, I managed to charter my own path and with my Business Partner of 27-years, Pat Morris, Morris+D’Angelo was born.

Along the way, I also helped create a virtual think tank together with the efforts of Ronald Baker (author, speaker, thinker) and Justin Barnett (CPA and former partner of Ron’s). This is our portal to include hundreds if not thousands of participants all sharing a vision of improving all professions, freedom of pure expression, and who love the question(s) “Why”, “What if”, “How do you Know”, Isn’t that Moronic, and more… searching for answers to Accountability.

I believe that it is important that we continue to communicate and share our thoughts on how to move the Needle forward and improve our Profession. What’s the harm in that?

Ask “Why?”

Daniel Morris
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